Tile cleaning

Tile cleaning tips.
Tile cleaning is simple but many people wait until they become unbearable, that’s when they take the initiative to clean the tiles. Tiles come in different colors, sizes, textures, materials which have great quality and durability, which make them easy to clean and maintain. There are many types of tiles. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the various types of tiles and the various tips for cleaning them.
Marble tiles
They are hard, smooth and cool to touch and are patterned in different beautiful designs. These types of tiles create a classic look and add elegance to your home. They are available in different color varieties.
When it comes to cleaning them:

These tiles are cleaned using the neutral pH cleaners
Acidic cleaners are not used.
These pH cleaners remove the spills like orange and tomato since they are acidic.
Make sure that you use soft clean piece of cloth or even mops which are good for cleaning marble tiles.

Granite tiles
They are indestructible and could be used anywhere. For these tiles staining is not a problem.
When it comes to cleaning them:

They require periodic polishing like other stone floors.
They are easy to clean.

Slate tile
They are unique looking, rugged and rustic looking.

Slate tiles are porous and uneven hence they require regular cleaning
You may opt to use a stone sealer so as to may tile cleaning.
It stains easier due to its porous nature.
You may use poultice for stubborn stains like grease.
Neutral cleaner is recommended and use less detergents since soap residue tends to attract dirt fast making tile cleaning fast.

Porcelain tile
They are an alternative to ceramic or stone tile. They are more durable, have longer wear and are more resistant. When it comes to cleaning them:

Cleaning them is easy as they only require soap and water as they are highly resistant to stains.

Ceramic tiles
They are cleaned easily with warm water. However first you vacuum or sweep to remove loose grit or soil. Don’t use sponge to clean ceramic tile floors since it pulls the dirt into the grout tracks, thus making floor more difficult to clean. You may use a micro fiber to clean as it picks the dirt that a sponge may leave behind. In case you are on your knees using a rag make sure that you clean in a circular motion.
When cleaning tiles there are some things that you should be looking at:

Look at the best way that you may seal the tiles and the grout.
Maintain the sealer so as to keep tiles clean.
Use a neutral pH cleaner.
Take time to clean the tile before sealing.

A clean carpet is a healthy home.

Carpets are used in house flooring. They are the most common type of house flooring. Most people prefer carpets because of their warmness and softness. A carpet does offer various desirable features to its users. It is very vital to keep your carpet clean. A clean carpet is a healthy home. Cleaning of carpets is a good way of maintaining a carpet in good condition. There are numerous benefits of a clean carpet in one’s home. If a carpet is not cleaned well then there is a likely hood of its users to fall ill. Thus, a clean carpet is very vital in promoting good health.
A clean carpet reduces the amount of allergen in your house. Allergens are factors that may lead to one developing allergies. Allergens such as dust and dirt can trigger diseases such as asthma and eczema. These diseases do make people sick. Thus, it is vital to keep your carpet clean. When a carpet is cleaned well then allergies severity can be alleviated. A dirty carpet does promote growth of bio-pollutants. This type of pollution can pose a high risk to one’s health. A clean carpet does eliminate and/or extract bio-pollutants. It also does inhibit growth of these pollutants.
A clean carpet does prevent dust mite infestations. Dust mites may also induce allergic responses. Dust mites cannot be seen with naked eyes, thus a carpet should be vigorously cleaned. A clean carpet tends to eliminate trapped allergens such as bio-pollutants. Steam cleaning is a vital technique in eliminating such types of pollutants.
Mold growth can be prevented through constant and thorough cleaning of a carpet. Molds are harmful to one’s health. Molds should be eliminated and their growth inhibited at all cost. A clean carpet does not only promote good health at your home but it also ensure that your carpet last longer.